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Earn course credit toward your degree while studying with College of Education programs in Europe, Asia, Africa, or Latin America. Or, take advantage of partnerships at schools around the world to earn additional course credit or teaching experience.

Our study abroad trips offer a variety of times and courses, which can be taken during semester breaks, during a short session, or for a full semester. Each program blends coursework with experiences that allow you to also learn about the people and culture of the host country.

  • COST may serve as part of the culminating experience of your teacher education program, marking the transition from student to professional educator. The consortium allows you to experience this singular moment in your teaching career through full immersion in a foreign culture and classroom. Each year, between 10 and 15 College of Education students complete this final step of their teacher education programs by taking advantage of this opportunity to student teach abroad. As you think about your student teaching options, we encourage you to consider the COST program, a consortium of universities from across the nation that work through their own colleges and departments to place students in classrooms around the world.

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