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OGE Africa and Latin America Studies Abroad

The Office of Global Engagement and the Director of Africa/Latin America Programming Initiatives, Dr. Hilda Mata, are proud to announce exciting new programs in Belize, Tanzania, Spain/Morocco, and Costa Rica, with a variety of academic courses available! Take courses in Business and Culture in Tanzania or in Spain/Morocco. Earn upper level Spanish credit on the Spanish Language and Cultural Immersion program in Costa Rica. Travel to Belize to learn about the country’s healthcare system and receive medical shadowing experience. Learn about the field of mass media from Photography to Journalism in Costa Rica.

  • Pre- Health in Belize

    The Pre-health in Belize Program is intended for UGA students who plan to pursue careers in healthcare and who are working actively toward this goal. During the 3-week program, the participants will have the opportunity to learn about the Belizean health system through guest lectures, tours of public and private healthcare facilities, shadowing experience with clinicians and volunteer community healthcare workers, and conversations with traditional medicine practitioners. In addition to these experiences, program participants will enroll in two UGA courses for 6-credit hours: BIOL 4910: Advanced Topics in Biology and BIOL 4940: Internship in Biology.
  • Business and Culture Program in Tanzania

    The Business and Culture Program in Tanzania is designed to introduce students to international entrepreneurship in Sub-Saharan Africa in general and in Tanzania specifically. Through company and civic organization visits, guest lectures, and informal conversations, students will have a unique opportunity to examine first-hand the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in this area of the world. In addition to the business course, a cultural course will introduce students to African contemporary issues as the program travels through some of the world's most iconic landscapes.
  • Business and Culture Spain-Morocco Program

    The Business and Culture Spain-Morocco Program, specifically designed for business majors and intended business majors, offers 6 hours of direct UGA credit. The program travels to Sevilla and Granada in southern Spain and to Casablanca and Fez in Morocco. This six credit-hour program offers students the opportunity to explore two neighboring nations with significantly different economic and international business realities. In addition to the business component, a strong cultural component will introduce students to the historic and present-day events that connect both countries.
  • Spanish Language and Cultural Immersion in Costa Rica

    This program is ideal for students majoring or minoring in Spanish who want to explore one of the jewels of Latin America: Costa Rica. Students will enroll in two of the Spanish courses offered and complete six-credit hours over the six-week program (June-July). Classes will meet at the modern and vibrant campus of Universidad Veritas in the capital city of San José. Students will also have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience living with a Costa Rican family.
  • Health Journalism in Costa Rica

    What are Blue Zones? Who lives to be 100 years old and why? Professors from the Grady School of Journalism and Mass Communication and the Lamar Dodd School of Art team up to offer this unique six credit-hour program focused on health journalism and longevity. The program starts in San José, Costa Rica’s capital city, where students will delve into the topic through classes, guest lectures, and field experiences. They will also travel to Nicoya— an area identified as a “Blue Zone” in 2009 due to its high rate of centenarians and nonagenarians— where they’ll meet residents, conduct interviews, and do additional reporting before returning to San José to produce and publish a series of multimedia stories on longevity & health.

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