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UGA at Oxford  

The UGA at Oxford Program has been in existence for over thirty years, making it one of the best established study abroad programs in Oxford and at UGA. We offer a vast array of courses in a wide range of disciplines - Humanities, Sciences, International Affairs, Business, Communications, Law, Journalism, Engineering, Computer Science, Ecology, Music and more - with something for every major. We also have programs offered at every stage of the year, with regular semester programs for Fall and Spring (multiple programs offered in the Spring), an intensive Junemester option, and Summer term programs. On average, students take 12 credit hours during a semester program or 6 hours during the May, June, and Summer programs.

UGA at Oxford, founded in 1989, offers students the opportunity to study with faculty from one of the world’s premier educational institutions, the University of Oxford.
  • Offers 9 programs that run Fall, Spring, May, June, and Summer
  • The SPIA at Oxford & Franklin Spring I Programs offer an optional program extension (travel to Italy for an additional three weeks as part of the UGA at Oxford and UGA Cortona Partnership)
  • Offers UGA-owned and staffed housing, a nineteenth-century Victorian mansion
  • Offers over 100 courses across the Sciences, Humanities, Business, Journalism, Engineering, Computer Science, Ecology, and Music
  • Affords students the opportunity to take classes with Oxford faculty using the distinctive tutorial format, which is one-on-one, student and professor
  • Courses are direct UGA credit, no transfer credit involved
  • Associate membership in University of Oxford College: dine in Hall - with Oxford students, study in the College libraries, hang out in College common rooms with Oxford students, and join College social, cultural, and athletic programs
  • Access to Oxford’s Bodleian Libraries 
  • All financial aid, including Hope and Zell Miller, applies
  • Out-of-state students pay in-state tuition
  • UGA at Oxford-specific scholarships as well as many general scholarship opportunities are available
  • Excursions across the UK

Live Zoom Events

UGA at Oxford Info Session 1
10:00am-10:30am on 01/28/2021
Meeting ID: 980 9386 4990
Passcode: 437621

UGA at Oxford Info Session 2
11:00am-11:30am on 01/28/2021
Meeting ID: 986 4815 5476
Passcode: 125866

UGA at Oxford Info Session 3
1:00pm-1:30pm on 01/28/2021
Meeting ID: 975 6066 9518
Passcode: 677211

UGA at Oxford Info Session 4
2:00pm-2:30pm on 01/28/2021
Meeting ID: 992 9606 0797
Passcode: 027087

UGA at Oxford Info Session 5
3:00pm-3:30pm on 01/28/2021
Meeting ID: 989 4167 9043
Passcode: 751421

UGA at Oxford Staff Contact Information

Dr. Jamie McClung
Director of UGA at Oxford
Dr. Stuart Minson
Associate Director of UGA at Oxford
Maggie Faz Perry
International Centers Coordinator
Maggie Pavleszek
International Centers Advisor

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