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This page was originally created Office of Global Engagement for our 2020 Virtual Sneak Peek! The live portion of this event has passed and took place on August 28th from 11am to 3pm, but you're still welcome to click around and look at the programs that attended!  Through this website you will be able to learn about some of our UGA Study Abroad and Domestic Field Study programs and learn how to get started in your Study Away journey. You can use any of the bars on the left or the top of the page to navigate through the information and resources we've provided for you.

Featured Programs

On our Featured Programs Page you can look through all of the programs that will have program directors available to talk with at some point during this event! UGA has hundreds of Study Away programs, so this is only a small subset, but it's a great place to get started with your search.  On each of these pages you'll see general program info, links to apply, and videos and photos from the program!

Program Types

UGA Faculty-led Programs

  • UGA Faculty-led Programs
  • These are international programs led by UGA Faculty and Staff where you are with a group of UGA students and receive direct UGA academic credit.

UGA International Centers

UGA Exchange Programs

  • UGA Exchange Programs
  • These are partnership programs with universities around the world where UGA students pay UGA in-state tuition and study as an international student at one of our partner schools and receive transfer credit.

UGA Domestic Field Study Programs

  • UGA Domestic Field Study Programs
  • These are domestic programs led by UGA Faculty and Staff where you are with a group of UGA students and receive direct UGA academic credit.

Non-UGA Programs

  • Non UGA Programs
  • Non-UGA Programs are usually for-profit or non-profit organizations who provide study away opportunities in conjunction with universities around the world. This is the second most popular way to study abroad at UGA. Students receive transfer credit for their participation in these programs.

UGA Independent Experience Programs


University of Georgia students who have been awarded federal or state financial aid, including the HOPE or Zell Miller scholarships, or student loans, may use their financial aid to study away on a UGA direct credit or exchange program, as well as through approved external study away programs.  Eligible students may also work with the Office of Student Financial Aid to potentially update their official "cost of attendance" for the study away term, in order to reflect the full cost of studying away and accurately calculate their financial aid package. In addition, students may wish to explore merit and need-based scholarships and fellowships to help support the cost of a study away program. Further information about scholarships is available here.

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